slant style

mower style

6x4 style

6x6 style

Slant Style

Our most popular style because it does not look as industrial as the mowers edge. This style is taller in the back for retaining and slants down in the front for ease of mowing. Slant style curbing can be colored and stamped with a variety of different options. This style gives a more natural look to shape and define your planting bed, garden or walkway

Mower Style

A sleek, modernized look on a scale for your landscape. This style can be colored, but has limitations to stamping. The mowers edge shape was originally designed for ease of mowing.

6x4 Flat Style

This style is great for applications inset into the ground. Such as a driveway border or walkway border. It can also be used above grade as a normal border or drainage guide. It can be colored and stamped with a wide variety of options

6x6 Flat Style

Larger and stronger than the 6x4 version, this style can be used for some commercial grade applications and even retaining walls. It can be colored and stamped with a wide variety of options

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