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1. Planning & Design:

The first step is a spray out with the customer, as well as choosing one of our many varietys of stamps and colors. It is most important to us to work with you and your landscape to assure a product that you will be happy with. We mark the exact area you would like the edging to be installed so we do not damage any of your existing landscape.

2. Sod Cutting/ Edging:

Ground preparation is then completed utilizing shovels a sod cutter or bed edger. All of this will not affect your existing landscape. We then lay down a base layer of compacted sand/gravel in necessary areas. The trench is usually cut two inches deep and approximately ten inches wide.

3. Mixing:

All mixing is done at your jobsite. We mix all the necessary ingredients added to ensure color consistency and long-term durability. Color and additives are added in this step. All colors are integral meaning they go all the way through the concrete.

4. Extrusion Process:

This is the point in the process that everything begins to take place. We offer a variety of different curb molds to achieve just the look you want. These are attached to the machine and produce the style of edging that the customer desires. The machine can easily handle either straight lines or gentle curves.

5. Finishing/ Stamping:

The finishing touch to our product is accomplished with hand tools and trowels. As an added precaution to ground movement and cold weather, control joints are immediately cut half-way through the curbing every one and a half to two feet. Once this is completed we stamp the curb using our many techniques you can choose from.

6. Sealing/Preservation

The final step in the process, a clear sealer is applied to preserve color and protect it from the suns uv rays. Cracking - Concrete curbing, like any other type of concrete can and will crack. We try and control the cracking with expansion joints every couple of feet. We also use fiber mesh, and other additives to help minimize shrinkage, which produces cracks. As a further enhancement to the process we also offer cable or rebar reinforcement. We experience very little cracking in our products.

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